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We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. Coil springs are most commonly thought of when suspension springs are mentioned. When I did the ASB and shocks on my 244, the wrench removed all nuts easily. Run a "safety chain" (B) through the spring and around the lower control arm- leave about 10" of slack in the chain- to allow the lower control arm to drop enough to get the spring out.

29: Start the re-assembly by installing the lower control arms first, then install the upper control arms and shims and torque the mounting bolts and nuts to specs on both control arms. Disconnect tie rod end ball joint (or unbolt steering arm on MGB). Fasten control arm securely in vise close to one end to prevent springing or distortion.

I like to toss the removed wheel under the frame of the vehicle near where I'm working. The tool pushes the ends of the spring upward, compressing it. From there it's easy to remove the lower spring nut. For example, rubber bushings may need to be pressed out, ball joints may need to be pried out of spindles, and coil springs often need to be compressed for removal and installation.

Remove rod and bushings from pin on frame bracket. Loss of control and vehicle rollover may be the result of severely worn, or broken coil springs. Query on 89 745T: What's the best procedure for replacement of the front suspension radius arm bushing with minimal disassembly?

The end connects to the strut with a conical 'rod' locked with a nut, and the tie rod screws into the end and also has a locking nut. There are a few ways to remove the rubber bushings: burn them out, force a drill bit into the rubber until it comes loose or do them in this manner.

In 1951 Buick rear shock absorbers, the cover or gasket, rebound and compression valves, valve nuts and gaskets may be replaced with ordinary hand tools. The spindle rods can be removed completely with the spindle knuckle assembly in the car, but they must be supported. Do not rely on the brake hoses and parking brake cables to hold them in place.

Step 1: This is a rear drive vehicle with two CV joint axles. But it's our feeling that since no one is born knowing how to do any type of automotive fixes, popping out ball joints and pressing in bushings is something anyone can learn. "Pickle Fork" removes tie rod ends in seconds and it has many uses around the shop.

With suspension revalve services we personalize your fork or shock absorber to your specific needs. The C4 Corvette received aluminum suspension components for the first time. Rubber replacement bushings are not available. Now it's time to remove the fork seals and separate the inner and outer fork legs.

14: Loosen and remove the lower control arm retaining bolts and remove the lower control arm and spindle. This will unload all of the suspension joints, except the lower A-arm inner Suspension Disassembly pivot and coil spring. 10: To remove the upper control arm, start by placing a jack securely under the lower control arm as support.

It's designed to handle heavy-duty straight, offset, or conical coil springs typically fitted to full-size truck struts, with long handle arms that boost leverage when you're tightening the screws. Coil springs are very common suspension component found on all kinds of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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